Infuriating Art! More San Francisco

Although I did not mention much about my first sighting of the Golden Gate Bridge, here was my reaction:

Oh my gosh, that’s the Golden Gate Bridge, in real life. Actually. I am actually seeing it actually…

and so on for the next few minutes.

Today I walked over the bridge (and yes you’ve guessed it, ‘I’m touching the bridge..’ yadda yadda) and could  not, not hold on to it somehow, I felt if I let go, I’d wake up and realize it was a dream.

But dang it,  I was on the Golden Gate Bridge and the views were absolutely spectacular!!

After driving over it, I was dropped off at the De Young Museum of Contemporary Art. Now, this museum was totally infuriating. I love museums, especially art museums and I love history museums and science museums, transport museums, all of them but it seems San Francisco has thrown another not up to expectations museum my way.

Although the actual contemporary pieces of art were amazing with glass fruit, ladders, flowers, statues and other modern pieces were great aesthetically and worked together, the rest of the museum well, didn’t. Putting contemporary indigenous (or interpretations) of ‘art’ with 19’th Century style modern pieces just did not gel together to bring the whole museum experience. I say ‘art’ because (although it may be my narrow-minded view of art) art is not replication or new totems, statues and masks relating to much earlier indigenous peoples. When  historic facts to go along with these, it should be in a contemporary history museum, not an art one.

Also, the museum also had a lot of furniture on display and although they are pieces of creativity, putting them next to art work and statues just gave the impression that they had nothing else to fill the space so anything would go. Lastly, the textile room! oh my gosh, what a disaster, I took one look and walked out, the tiniest exhibition place held up twenty similar style of tapestries, perhaps in different fabric, that room really did seem ah hock.  I understand the de Young is trying to create a different, unexpected museum experience, I just felt like I was walking into three different museums, a history, art and textile one with furniture thrown in, with little or no cohesion. I was so infuriated with the museum and was glad to finish looking around and travel to the next stop. The were a couple of redeeming features the first being the glass room with all the different types of art/ objects made with glass in almost every color in the spectrum and the tower where you can have truly magnificent views of San Fran and the Bay Area.


After doing lunch at the Golden Gate Park I ventured to the Legion of Honor Art Museum passing San Francisco Zoo and Ocean Beach on the way (yes, I did go in the wrong direction… oopps). This museum was absolutely delightful! The paintings spanned centuries with many different varieties: portraits, landscapes, still life, statues, marble, bronze, glass. There was even furniture in most of the rooms but they blended in, they were made use of. Whether it was to accentuate another piece, hold another piece or just to shout LOOK AT ME! They worked and was tastefully used. I would recommend the Legion of Honor to anyone visiting San Fran looking for culture, walking around feels like walking through a stately home with more art than one could possibly need but love it precisely because of that. Not only is walking through the museum a treat, so is its architecture being enclosed within itself, magnificent grounds and Rodin’s thinker welcoming you to the place.

Riding the Muni back downtown, I hopped on Frisco’s famous cable car to the nearest BART and went back home for an evening in with wine, chit-chat, and musing over old photo’s. Not before I slipped into Macy’s to do a little window shopping while I had the chance of course! I loved the cable car ride, I really did feel I had stepped back in to a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ style film, with all the swaying, loud noises and manually operating the train with the cables underneath. Probably not for the faint hearted or easily travel sick!


Going off to L.A. tomorrow to NOT wine and dine with the celebrities which are there,

Over and Out,

Nathalie lot

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