I’m Scared

YouTube exploded recently when one of my favorite YouTuber’s Charlie McDonnell aka charlieissocoollike, told his viewers he was scared. Scared about creating something, making people happy among many other things.

My heart went out to Charlie after I watched the video and other video responses and I realised I feel the same sometimes. I felt like the old community was back again and YouTube was reverting back to a community and not followers. It’s difficult not to worry about what others think even what you thin of yourself. I guess we’re here to try to figure out what makes us get up in the morning or as Carrie Hope Fletcher said, turn on the light.
Sometimes we need help and that’s not a bad thing. We can’t go through life doing things by ourselves. Not only will it be a pretty lonely life but you don’t experience what it is to be human and for me, that is fundamentally seeking companionship and sharing minds. Without companionship life is pointless, we can’t share anything or express ourselves. Whether it’s over tea, a blog or YouTube, we find companions along the way in our need to be liked and content whether one person reads it or one million.

I think it’s okay to be scared, it is what drives us to be better people and do better things. If we let that fear get to us however, it can devastating. The trick is to use that fear and convert it to something productive and worthwhile, however difficult that may be.

What do you think? Is being scared natural? Do we seek to make people happy? Let me know in the comments.

Over and Out!

Nathalie Lot

Watch Charlie’s Original Video Here

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