If You Do Anything… This Weekend | 20-22nd December

It’s the final weekend before Christmas and things are really hotting up- and not just your Christmas Turkey. If you do anything this weekend (apart from last minute Christmas shopping) here is what’s on in London over the weekend.


Things are getting a little steamy at the British Museum this weekend with Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art. Hailed the British Museums most erotic installation to date, it’s only open to over sixteen’s. Shunga, meaning spring pictures came about between 1600-1850 when Japanese culture was left to its own devices. The British Museum, living up to its reputation of showcasing all humanity promises tastefully crude images and octopuses: make of that what you will! Careful who you take along- not on for your Grandma or a first date. Will you be able to take the heat?

Blue is the Warmest Colour Poster

If that isn’t enough, head to your local cinema to catch ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour‘, a three hour Lesbian romance that doesn’t always deviate from the norm but goes beyond the “coming out is the defining moment of homosexuality” theme we see of late.  French-Tunisian Director Abdellatif Kechiche beautifully shows our heroine Adele turning from a young girl to a woman who realises she still has a lot to learn. Suprisingly enough, the stunning performance by Adèle Exarchopoulos who plays the heroine is only 19! Kechiche has created a gorgeous intimate romance that speaks volumes and is definitely a must see.

For those that are a little more British in their nature, it’s the last weekend before Christmas so if you haven’t done so already, head down to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park for hours of family friendly fun and entertainment. From ice rinks to candy shops and roller coasters to carousels there will be plenty that tickles your fancy and a great place to hang out with friends and family for a day. Be warned though, meet everyone before hand and agree on a place to meet if you become separated. You’ll be glad to find each other again over mulled wine or hot cocoa instead of trying to reach them on the jammed phone lines.

So will you be taking on the heat of the back row of the cinema and watching ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’? Is erotic Japanese more up your street or will you be playing it cool in Winter Wonderland?

Those are what we think are the best of what on this weekend but what will you be doing?

Let us know in the comments below!

Over and Out!

While you’re in town, why don’t you go for a skate? Here is our round up of the most relaxed Christmas Ice Rinks this year.

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