Braving The Outside World | Tea, Tales and a Broken Ankle

Personal bests and wanting to go Hulk on my cast filled week four of the Broken Ankle Saga. It’s been a busy week (for someone with a broken ankle)  and included lots of good Mexican food. I’m still relying on my crutches a lot and I’ve started to put one foot in front of the other with crutches instead of hopping, less stressful on the good foot.

I was feeling slightly tired after the trip to the doctors on the previous day (19), so day 20 AB (after break) was spent in PJs and relaxing. Day 21 AB I finally decided to brave the outside world alone and made my way to the corner shop (about 200 feet away) to buy some dips for the Burritos I was going to make later on. I had to rest a little on a stoop on the way back but I did it and was very proud of myself! It was the most walking in one day I had made since being back in London. It’s definitely this kind of progress I wanted to remember on those days I don’t get out.

Day 22 AB however, was a completely different story. The combination of walking the day before and standing to cook, made the cast feel very uncomfortable and I wanted it off and I seriously considered getting a pair of scissors and cutting the cast down. I guess I peaked too soon. By day 23 AB I was back to normal and I woke up to an email from the University of London inviting me to interview for the PGCE starting in September, so fingers crossed as I start to prepare for the interview! This actually gave me inspiration to venture into central London for a writing session with a few friends later in the week. This meant Day 24 AB I rested up.

Day 25 AB was the day I ventured into central London. The part of the journey I was looking forward to least was the walk from my home to the station. It was a 650 feet journey and I didn’t know whether my good leg could cope. That was my biggest problem. Whenever I walked for an extended period of time, the arch of the foot of my good leg seemed to burn and I had to rest up for a few minutes before going on.

Once I got to the station, I was so pleased because the hardest part was over. All I had to do was sit on a train and then hop in to a taxi to take me to the coffee shop near Oxford Street. My friends were so amazing, helping me when I arrived. We all sat upstairs, they helped bring my tea over to the table and as all good friends do, make fun of the sheer uneventfulness of how I broke my leg (which, if you missed it, I just tripped over my own two feet). It did absolute wonders for my mental health and was so grateful I managed to get out and about. I even started on a Scifi/ Fantasy short story which I have never done before.

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks and getting rid of my cast!

Over and Out!


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