Fall Back into Autumn October 28

How often do we say I wish there were more hours in a day? When the clocks go back we have a whole extra hour on our hands. Here are a few cozy ideas to prepare for the autumnal equinox and make the most of the clocks going back next weekend. 

‘Tis the season to be warm and snug so you can be sure I will be embracing the hot cocoa and fluffy pj’s, but autumn isn’t always instagramable pumpkins, candy and bonfires. For some, as the leaves fall and the shorter nights set in, so comes with it depression, seasonal affective disorder and the flu season begins. It’s not uncommon to feel down, a little anxious walking back home from school or work in the dark, it’s totally normal. What’s important is recognising the signs, a little self care and talking to people. The night before the clocks go back on October 28th, light those pumpkin spiced candles, add a few fairy lights and find your favorite blanket. Take the time to settle into the cold season and make your favorite autumnal recipe and relax.

I for one am super excited about getting an extra hours sleep, but don’t be the person who wastes it and goes to bed later than usual. To really get the most out of the extra hour don’t stray from your normal bedtime routine. If you’re anything like me, you may even try to go to bed a little earlier to get even more of those precious Zzzs. Make sure your sleep is calm and restful and use the Saturday night to start healthy bedtime habits like putting your phone away and having no tech downtime in bed before you switch off the lights. 

Since you went to bed a little earlier, make the most of the extra hour you have at your disposable and wake up earlier than you usually would on a Sunday. Plan something you absolutely love doing or set time aside for that project and do it. Instead, you could make time to see friends or family or find your nearest pumpkin patch and choose the perfect carvable pumpkin to put on your front door. As awesome as binge-watching the Haunting of Hill House seems, leave it for Halloween. It’s not every day we get an extra hour.

The night before the clocks go back is also a good an opportunity as any to say goodbye to your summer wardrobe. Either pack your summer things away and bring out your sweaters, or Marie Kondo style your wardrobe. Using this time to sort and thank your clothes for bringing you joy. Throwing them out or giving them away is an act of clearing out your mind, as well as your closet. You’ll be a little more excited to get up in the morning and reach for one of your favourite sweaters and you’ll have the satisfaction your clothes and accessories will be going to a better home and lets face it, you’ll have more space for new sweaters (jk! Kinda).

Hopefully I’ll be spending the witching hour writing and seeing friends but I’d like to know about your plans for that extra hour in comments below. Any other tips for when the clocks go back on october 28th?

Over and Out!


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