Hello! My name is Nathalie Lot and I am an Internet addict.

Tea, Tales and Travels was born out of years of trial and error and “finding my voice” on the interwebs. Although, nothing is forever right? I love Tea (which Londoner doesn’t?). I love travelling, and I love telling stories. So I’ve decided to fit them all together in one big happy ball of fluffy kittens.

I’m from London, currently living in Verona which has become a very special place. However, London is my home, where I feel safe (ish), where I discover new things and let old things go. The few pages of this little space of the Internet I call mine, is created to show my love of the greatest city on Earth (second to San Francisco) and to keep myself on track with my latest adventures and discoveries.

Wherever I go travelling, you’ll be coming with me and experiencing the joys of being a stranger in unchartered territories first hand and getting a few travel tips along the way. Expect random word splurges of deeply insightful philosophical musings on subjects such as ‘why are we here?’ and very nerdy squeals of delight because I found yet another cat video on YouTube and everything in between.

If I’m ever in your city or you’re in London, please don’t hesitate to use the contact page and let me know! I love meeting new people and experiencing new things (especially from locals) and I’ll be more than happy to guide or be led to memorable surprises.

Happy reading and DFTBA!

Over and Out

Nathalie Lot

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