Saville Case Continues as New York Turns off and Tubes Celebrates 150th: The Week in Breif

It’s been a bit of an odd week with the continued Saville enquiry unfolding new truths and Transport for London announcing celebrates 150 years service to London commuters. With so many things happening this week here are some of the news which you may not have picked up on.

New York is coming to a standstill as all public transport is being suspended ahead of fears of hurricane Sandy and her after effects at 23:00 GMT. With it being classed as one of the biggest storm to hit America, BA and Air France have cancelled all flights to Americas east coast. According to the National Hurricane Centre at 15:00 GMT, the eye of Hurricane Sandy was about 575 miles south of New York City. People have been advised to evacuate the city as soon as possible and to collect supplies. The hurricane has turned over the Caribbean killing 44 people on Haiti, 11 in Cuba and more in Jamaica and the Bahamas.

You cannot have lived in the UK in the past week or two without hearing about the BBCs diamond in the rough Jimmy Saville being a rather dubious character. if you haven’t- where have you been! It seems the family of Saville have come to terms with the man he was when Jimmy Saville’s great niece Caroline Robinson came forward announcing how she was abused by Saville when she was twelve and fifteen. Caroline also suggested the family may have kept Saville’s behaviour on the downlow to carry on enjoying the luxuries afforded by being associated with him. While over three hundred people have come forward to report being abused by Saville, the old star Garry Glitter- Paul Gad, has been dragged in with similar allegations and was arrested and released on bail. This had led older stars of the 60’s-90’s to worry of their behaviour when they find it difficult to remember last week let alone forty years ago. Do you think it should be left to rest now he has died or should we see justice for those harmed?

To mention the lighter side of the news, Admiralty Arch has been leased to Prime Investors Capital, the company behind the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge for 99 years. Over 100,000 visitors a year are expected to go into the high end hotel if they are granted planning permission by Westminster City Council. The Arch which was commissioned by Edward VII as a tribute to his Mother Queen Victoria, has been treasured at many events as the main thorough fare from Trafalgar Square to the Mall leading to the palace. There has been controversial reactions to the leasing and some people believe the government may as well have sold it in order to reduce the deficit, instead of leasing it. It has also been suggested the high end nature of the project may mean many Brits would not be able to enjoy it often. What do you think? Do you agree with these views or think the government made the right decision to cut the property to reduce the deficit?

The Tube is celebrating 150 years since its fist journey on January 13th 2013 by putting a steam train on the track of the first railway journey between Paddington and Farringdon. This is the first time a steam train would be on the tube and tickets must be bought in advance. They are also celebrating by putting on a few shows in the abandoned Aldwych Station, minting £2 coins in honour of the event and limited edition Oyster cards. I’m really looking forward to these events and while I know it’s not the most comfortable way to travel,especially peak times, there’s nothing quite like the extensive tube network and would probably be lost with out the journey planner. One of the best in the world! Let me know your best and worst Tube memories!

Let me know your thoughts on the stories, have a great week!

Over and Out!
Nathalie Lot

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