World Elects Their Leaders as UK MP Swaps Westminster for Jungle

This week has been full of suprises. Leaders of East and West faced the wrath of their citizens as Clive Dunn quietly passed away. Here is some of this weeks news.

News I probably don’t need to tell you is Mid-Bedfordshire MP Nadine Dorries has entered the jungle in an attempt to raise political awareness for her policy to reduce abortion from 24 to 20 weeks. On her blog she has stated money will go to children’s charities in her constituency. Hmmm. Surely there are better ways to get her message across, without sitting in a jungle for three weeks. PMQT, Question Time, writing articles, LBC. The list is endless. I’m sure Nadine will make a good contestant but as serving MPs are meant to be doing just that, serving, the the Chief Whip has suspended Nadine making her come before parliament when she gets back.
I’m glad I’m not a Mid- Bedfordshire constituent. Other people joining her is Timelord of old Dr Who’s Colin Baker, Made in Chelsea Star Hugo Taylor and Boxer David Haye. What is your opinion on Nadine Dorries being in the jungle? Or need I not ask? At least we can keep an eye on her in the jungle and make her do trials.

The biggest news of the week however was President Obama winning another presidential election. In a very close call, his rival Mitt Romney was 19 states up half way through the results. Obama stole the election however with 50.53% of the vote. With an even tighter win than last election, lets hope Obama doesn’t feel the wrath of the Republican Party when he tries to implement change like he did with the healthcare reform.

In other election news but totally important for most of the worlds debt, Ma Ying-jeou has also been re-elected as president of the People’s Republic of China winning 51.6% of the public vote for another 10 years. Over 70% of Chinese Citizens went out to vote an amazing feat considering not even 40% of people voted in 2010 elections in the UK. According to Ma his reelection has proved the developments in cross-strait relations during his term is “the correct path that has won the support of the majority of the Taiwanese compatriots.” The White House in the US issued a statement congratulating Ma adding, “we hope the impressive efforts that both sides have undertaken in recent years to build cross-strait ties continue.”

Clive Dunn
News of the death of Clive Dunn hit the UK ahead of Rememberance Sunday on Tuesday. We learnt he died at his home in Portugal after being ill for a few weeks. He 92 year old was famous for playing Lance Corporal “Jonesy” Jones in award winning British war sitcom Dad’s Army and his catch phrase ‘don’t panic, don’t panic’. Clive became famous 1971 when his record, Grandad, reached number one. Playing on how Dunn always played the old man comedian David Baddiel paid his respects to the late star by stating
“I had assumed that because he looked 85 at 40 that Clive Dunn was immortal,” on Twitter.
RIP Clive and thank you to all the soldiers who have lost their Iives and cntune to fight to ensure we sleep safely in our beds.

Over and Out!
Nathalie Lot

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