The Spring Guilt Trip

As I predicted, more blogging and vlogging, didn’t happen in the first couple of months and neither did sticking to my new year goals. I’d like to say I’ve been super busy, but in reality, I’ve just found excuses, like: I’m having lunch with my Aunt, I need to get ready in an hour, my friend is online. The list could go on, but I shan’t. So, just incase you were interested, here’s a quick update on how the last couple of months have been going.

Firstly, I’ve totally failed at reading a poem everyday. It was the last week in January and I read quite a few poems in an anthology and decided that would do me for a week. I haven’t picked it up again since, and probably should get going.

I challenged myself to read fifty books in a year, it wasn’t going badly, but I wasn’t ahead. Last week I found I audiobooks count towards the challenge and I am pleased to say I am almost on book eight and on schedule It has been exciting reading new books like Silvertown by and revisiting old books like Missing Judy by Anne Cassidy, reliving the plot twist I’d forgotten all about.

To turn to writing, remember that book I said I’d hopefully finish? Well, I haven’t made a dent on it yet but I’m hoping to. I have so many ideas in my mind but I’ve been attempting to finish a particular part I’ve been on for a while and have got bored if it and want to move to the next part. Perhaps that’s an indication itis boring and I need to rewrite it. We’ll see.

Other than researching news, keeping up to date with current affairs has been fun. I realised not that long ago however, by current affairs, I meant social and political theories. I’d like to share my findings with you and my breadth of knowledge I’m supposed to have gained in three years of study and I think I have a plan to do just that. Watch this space and keep an eye on my YouTube channel!

I also said I wanted to think of a positive thought each day. I haven’t done that as such, but I have been trying to have a positive outlook and its working. The Beach Boys Good Vibrations springs to mind, for some reason or other.

It feels weird writing a rather personal blog, especially since its not very often, if at all, I do them. I guess blogs are naturally designed to share experiences so I hope it’s not weird me sharing a bit of my life with you.

How are you doing with your goals or resolutions for 2013? What about the Pope resigning, just to throw it out there, scandal or old age?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments

Over and Out!
Nathalie Lot

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