Make it Your Own at the Renegade Craft Fair

The Renegade Craft Fair in Brick Lane is a super fun way to meet people who are into their crafts. You can kick of Christmas shopping with a fabulous array of handmade and unique gifts to choose from. The fair was held in the Old Truman Brewery in the heart of Brick Lane. With the added bonus of the local food and vintage markets and street musicians, the whole street was buzzing with excitement.

The Renegade Craft Fair brings together hundreds of craft makers and hobbyists to embrace everything handmade, home made, stitched, stuck, painted and printed and lots more in a festive weekend. The fair was inspired when co-founder Susie Daily wanted to take her crafting hobbies up a notch and couldn’t quite find a place to suit her needs- and all of those online hobbyists selling their wares. Thus, in 2003, the Renegade Craft Fair was born in Chicago featuring newer and more contemporary artisans.

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What’s great about the Renegade Craft Fair is that you are guaranteed to find something you have never seen before. You can have lots of fun taking photos in funny costumes in the photo booths as well as stop by crochet workshops among others. You even have the chance to speak to the makers behind the crafts. From quirky note cards, to handmade stuffed animals and lino printing, it’s a wonder you can fit it all in one day. Luckily you don’t have to, it’s on all weekend!

My favourite part of the fair was making baubles with Anna Alicia. What I thought was only going to be 10 minutes turned into a good forty-five, painting and decorating a wooden ball. Sitting with other people painting their own baubles, it was like having tea with your friend and a great way to spend an afternoon (or evening) with friends and family.

Anna’s company AAlicia designs accessories that are good on the environment and your wallet. With fabulous necklaces and cushions inspired from Anna’s background in Art History as well as childhood holidays and living in London, you can find something for you in her online store. It was nice to see them in her sample sale.

AAlicia was at the Renegade Craft Fair as part of Anna’s book launch ‘Make it Your Own’. In Anna’s book you can find 25 different ‘how to’ projects you can do at home along with great tips on finding and using eco-ethical material. Anna gives you detailed step by step instructions on how to make each item with beautiful photographs on each page. Click here to find out more about Anna Alicia’s book and where to buy it.

Over all the Renegade Craft fair is a great way to get started in the world of crafts, or find new exciting projects and meet like-minded people if you’re an old hand. Getting there around midday is advised to beat the early morning crowd and still be able to nab the best finds, be sure to keep an eye on when the Renegade Craft Fair will return.

Over and Out!

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