Breaking News: Roof Collapses at the Apollo Theatre

Emergency services answered a call within three minutes to the Apollo Theatre around eight pm last night. Twenty minutes in to the performance of the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nigh Time the roof fell in injuring some staff, cast and patrons at the Apollo theatre. There have been no fatal injuries so far and no one is trapped in the building.

Heavy plastering associated with old Victorian buildings like the Apollo had fallen down from the upper circle right down to the stalls affecting most of the theatre goers according to a fireman. A planning application was put in to re-plaster the balcony at the theatre so news over the coming days will confirm whether this could have accelerated the problem along with the heavy storm.

Nimax, who own the theatre has apologised for the incident and have assured everyone everything will be done to ensure it never happens again. Their thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved in the event.

Westminster Council leader Phillipa Roe who licences theatres in the West End, has said their surveyor is they’re working through the night to find out what happened and had not ruled out the closing of other theatres and shows if it shows there are potential problems throughout the buildings. It is deemed unlikely.

It was the opening night of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Steven Ward in the Aldwych which is only down the road. This is what Webber had to say:

This news comes a week after Nelson Mandella’s death was announced after the premier of the new film commemorating his life.

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