Simple Last Minute Egg Decorating Tips for Kids

Happy Easter! It’s Good Friday and halfway through the Easter break. If you have children or look after children, you’re probably tearing your hair out around now wondering what else you can do to get those Tasmanian Devils sitting down for five minutes that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a screen or toys that break the bank. Here are some childproof, mess proof and easy tips to decorating eggs with children (or to be honest, us big kids too) this Easter without having to go out and buy lots of expensive supplies.


Decorating eggs is a great, creative way to get into the Easter spirit. You can turn simple eggs into bunnies, superheroes, flowers and funny faces. If you have older children you can put them on Pinterest to get some cool, artsy grown-up egg ideas. The main thing is to let the imagination run wild and know there isn’t any wrong way to decorate eggs. If you have any more egg decorating tips, please let us know in the comments.

Here are a few of the things you’ll need:

Eggs (you can also use craft eggs if you have the time and money)

Permanent Markers




Coloured paper

Any craft materials you have at hand

Stickers (optional)

White paint (optional)

Boil the Eggs

Cleaning up broken egg is horrible at the best of times. When you’re surrounded by ‘helpful’ kids, eggs and craft material it can turn into an ordeal so do yourself a favour and boil the eggs first. Boiled eggs also make for firmer surfaces and survive the occasional slip.

If you fancy an omelette, you can also carefully make a small hole at the bottom of the egg with a knife and shake out the egg contents into a clean bowl and give the shells a quick rinse. Hand over the eggshells and let them go crazy. Just note, because it’s just an eggshell, they can break easily so perhaps give those to the slightly older kids.

Pencil First

If your little one is anything like my students, kids can be perfectionists and when they make a mistake, they become upset and want to do it all over again. Get them to design their eggs in pencil first and once they’re happy; give them colours.

Use Permanent Markers

Paint is messy and involves a big clean up and children potentially getting paint all over the room. Save yourself the trouble and give them coloured sharpies or other kinds of permanent markers, non toxic coloured pens work too. The colours will still be vibrant and stand out without the potential spilling of water or tears over accidentally mixing different colour paint together. If you’re feeling super prepared, paint the eggs white a few hours before so the colours are even brighter.

Chocolate Nests

If you would like to kill more time, you can create delicious edible chocolate nests to decorate and house the cute little-decorated eggs. Simply melt chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water while the kids are crushing the Shreddies. Take off the chocolate bowl and mix in the Shreddies. Press the mixture into the sides of a greased cupcake tin for individual nests or a small cake tin for a larger nest and leave to cool in the fridge. Fun recipe here.

Origami Flowers

To bring in more of a creative element (or would like to spread out the egg decorating over a day or two) you can help the children make super easy origami flowers to put in or around your chocolate nests and eggs to give it more of an Easter vibe. I really like these super simple origami tulips.

Don’t worry about the different sizes or getting the square paper, just use a pair of scissors to cut any old coloured paper into squares. If origami isn’t your thing, get the kids to draw or colour different flowers and cut them out.

As a teacher, quick and easy creative tasks are very much welcomed in my classroom. Using materials I already have access to or know my students will already have is key. If you found these tips useful and would like to see more, please comment below or like and share with someone who could find this useful.


Happy Easter!

Over and Out!


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