The Tea Game is Afoot

Nothing beats a nice warming cup of tea during cold, dark nights and what better time than now to really up our tea game for the holiday season. Living in Italy, quite literally the land of coffee, I have unfortunately had to resort to Amazon to drink any decent loose leaf tea. Never fear, as a true tea enthusiast, I found my local organic shop has a decent selection of teas so I thought I would share with you some of my favourites. On a plus note, these teas are popular so you will definitely find them in your local supermarket.

The first of the teas is Clippers Lime and Ginger green tea. If you love lemon and ginger, you will definitely love Lime and ginger. The little Asian twist of limes make this drink so unbelievably delicious you will soon be opting for a slice of lime instead of lemon in the future. Packed with all the cold and cough curing benefits of citrus, the ginger spice to unblock your nose together they act as pick me up. 

I love this tea first thing in the morning before my breakfast. The zing of lime wakes up my taste buds and puts me on alert for the rest of the morning. I usually add extra ginger and an extra squirt of lime for that extra kick and nose unblocking benefits but it really isn’t necessary. I just love a little spice in my life is all. I need get it from somewhere! Buy it on Amazon.

The next tea on my list is a bed time tea but feel free to have a cup after lunch before a little afternoon nap. I plead the fifth on that one. This is Clippers Snore and Peace. It’s a chamomile tea (insert all the awesome benefits of chamomile here) infused with lavender and lemon balm. I don’t know about you but lavender always puts me to sleep so I knew this was going to be just the ticket to relieve anxiety and wind down from the day. 

Normally I’m not a fan of chamomile tea, to me it tastes oily and flavourless but Clipper has managed to make this one work. The lemon balm cuts through the oil taste making the tea seem a little fresher together with the spearmint really rounds out the palette. The lavender and rosehip are instantly calming. In order to make this more festive, I tend to add a little clove and some cinnamon. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve almost forgotten to get off a bus or train thinking about this tea. Buy it on Amazon.

The last tea on my list is Clippers Love Me Truly. It’s a christmasy chai tea and every time I look at the packaging it makes me ridiculously happy. This tea is like a warm festive cuddle in a mug and no extra things needed to make it special. Packed with cloves, cardamom, orange and cinnamon, along with so many other Christmas flavours I can tell you this will instantly become your favourite holiday go to tea. 

The chai tea looks like Christmas, smells like Christmas and tastes like Christmas. What more could you possibly want in life? Sitting here, writing this with the box in front of me I find myself sniffing the air hoping to get a whiff. Can they make this into a perfume please? I would definitely wear it! I really do love this tea truly! Buy it on Amazon.

Have you tried any of these tea’s before? What are your favourite holiday teas? Let me know in the comments below, I can’t wait to up my tea game this year!

Over and Out!


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