Goldsmiths Occupation- Our Progress

Check out the progress my fellow Goldsmithians have made on their occupation of Deptford Town Hall (the senior managment offices)by clicking here If not type savegoldsmiths into google and find the tumblr site!

Well done to all the guys that are there at the moment and I hope tomorrow morning goes down well!

We have had lots of press coverage including the BBC, East London Lines and LBC 97.3 and support from Goldsmiths SU President, fellow members of University of London AND Institutions across the UK

Lets hope this inspires other Universities across the UK to do the same and help fight the cuts as a whole together!

A big good luck also to the Universities in Dublin who are also doing the same!

Please do join us on 10th November to march up to Parliament Square from Goldsmiths and show the government that we students are the future and help them make the right decisions!


– Addition: 4/11/2010

Congratulations to all those who occupied DTH yesterday! You all have the utmost respect from me and I’m sure most of the student body!

Over and Out!
Nathalie Lot

2 thoughts on “Goldsmiths Occupation- Our Progress

  1. Si. Huzzah for Goldsmithians!!


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