An evening with GLITS

GLITS, Goldsmiths Literary Seminar was this week held by Jocelyn Price.

After an interesting account of Jocelyn’s multi-linguistic background, an interesting discussion on inspiration and how it works in different ways was had.

One of my favourite parts of the evening was when the idea of constraints either inducing inspiration or makes you exasperated came into the discussion. The end of the conversation concluded in the agreement that different constraints have different effects on ones writing.

Jocelyn then asked us to write a poem in ten minutes with the following constraints: Only 5 stanzas and include in each stanza a name, a drink, a sense and a song. It was rather fun seeing the different poems that emerged, all different and entertaining.

I may post my poem up here if I can alter it to make it a little better, it’s really bad but hey ho. You can’t expect literary genius in ten minutes teheh.

Why don’t you give it a try? It can be as long short and about anything you want (just those constraints) and let us know how you found it!

Jocelyn Paige also has a Facebook group called 30/30. In all the months of the year that have thirty days, each day a prompt is put up on the group and everyone has to write a poem on it, so you get to write thirty poems in thirty days. If you are interested, let me know and I will but Jocelyn in contact with you.

Sorry for the long post, I know I said i’d keep it short Sad smile.

Anyhow, bonfire night tonight and tomorrow i’ll be watching the display in Blackheath. Hope to see you there!

Over and Out!

Nathalie Lot

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