We Did March 10/11/10!

What an AMAZING demonstration against the cuts last Wednesday!

In the heart of the crowd thousands of students were chanting ‘education for the masses, not just for the ruling classes’, ‘they say cut back we say fight back’ and so much more! The atmosphere was electrifying and with students from all over the country marching, there was a solidarity the TUC has not seen in years. Students have inspired the TUC to plan a national demonstration for everyone across society on the 28/3/2011 before the G20 summit. Click here for more information!

The invasion of Conservative HQ has sparked controversy across the media, much of which I am personally angered by.

I agree with the idea of marching into Milbank however, the violence onto others I do not think was totally acceptable. However, I don’t think the students were wrong to do it at the time. Although from what I have read in the Guardian, Evening Standard, BBC News and listened to on the Radio, although there seems to be much support for the students that went into Milbank, there seems to be an overarching negative vibe which I think is totally unnecessary.

Despite the violence, I am proud to have been part of the fight to keep Higher Education costs as low as possible for myself and future generations.

Expect to hear more about the TUC Demo as more unfolds here and in the mean time, check out a few photo’s of the student demonstration!

What are your views on the violence caused by such a minority of students at Tory HQ?

Over and Out,

Nathalie Lot

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