4th Student Demo, YouTube vlog and Christmas Decorations

Sorry for not blogging recently. I’ve been incredibly tied up with essays and work etc. But, i should be back up to speed.

First thing, and I think most important. The next student demo against the rise in tuition fee’s is the 9th of December!

Click here to find out where and when people will be meeting!

It’s so important to get there as the future of students across England depends on this vote and we cannot let David Cameron sit smug at No. 10.

Second thing. I have now found out the wonders of YouTube, VlogBrothers, Charlieissocoollike and FRED.

This is my channel and hopefully the vlog about the Student Demo will be up there ASAP.



My housemates and I have been busy decorating our house with lots of lovely Christmassy things and photos and possibly a video will be uploaded so you guys can have a sneak peak of our Christmas den!

Thank you to all those who have viewed my webpage, I’d really like it if comments were left because I want to know what you think and if something isn’t working out on the blog, I won’t do it. This space is as much about you as me.

I promise I will reply to EVERY comment I receive.

Happy Blogging!

Over and Out

Nathalie Lot Smile

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