Bullying Protestors

And so the Lecturers protest to protect their pensions and still nothing has changed.

What a surprise!

Students have campaigned against the cuts, local people have campaigned against the cuts but it seems as though the Cam-eroon, the Cl-egg and the cuts are here to stay. I am all for freedom of speech and demonstrating but one thing has really grabbed my goat. And this time, it’s personal!!

Why at the picket lines do pretentious protestors who pick fights, arguments and scream and shout at people seem to think that is the way to encourage people to share solidarity. I surely didn’t find solidarity in being told that I was for the cuts and high university prices because I wanted to go to a lecture that I am paying over £3,000 for.

I also do not feel solidarity when obnoxious and rude rabble rousers storm in to lectures and argue with a lecturer who has decided they want to teach their students instead of demonstrate. I also do not feel solidarity with people who see’s a friend and asks them why they are in a ‘scabby lecture.’

As members of a free society with free speech not only is it our right to protest and demonstrate our views but also not to do that. As members of a free society with free speech it is our right to be able to go where and when we please. As members of a society with laws it  is our legal right not to be harassed, pin pointed and shamed by others.

So next time protestors want to grab more people on their side, be watchful because there is a fine legal line between persuasion and harassment and the more you push, the more likely you will end up with criminal charges on your list of qualifications.

A friend of mine really felt abused and bullied by these pretentious half wits even though I am sure their initial intentions were probably good. I feel for the lecturers I really do but put into perspective, their problems are the least of societies worries. At least they don’t have to worry about where they are going to sleep tonight because their house has just been shattered due to earthquakes and tidal waves. Besides, demonstrations and protests should be about gaining, strengthening and changing social, economic and political equality and freedoms for EVERYONE in society. Not just the few middle-class. Hey! I think protesting has just become a new bourgeois trend!

The only way we are going to see change in the UK is if Cameron and Clegg are no longer in power and the only way to do that is by having another general election. So, picketing protestors, untill you’re going to tell me that the city is demonstrating for another general election, I will not be joining you on this or any other protest that is not worth fighting for!

Over and Out!
Nathalie Lot

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