New Serise on YouTube!

I’ve recently uploaded a video ‘1. STOP IT! Leaders of Countries’. I hope they will evolve into a group of video’s of me telling things or people to STOP what they are doing for a variety of reasons (usually because it contributes to world suck).
It’s a fun lively project which will not be too serious and I hope there will be many more to come!

I’ll be getting my read on in the next couple of weeks after the mad rush of exams and will be posting videos and written reviews of the books I have read.

Next up will be an account of my trip to the wonderful city of Prague earlier in April and sooner rather than later (I hope) will a ‘thoughts from places’ vlogbrother style vlog.

Lastly, if you found my blog via Goldsmiths website, thank you for checking it out and here is a link to other Goldsmiths bloggers -

Do you have any suggestions for books I could read over the summer? If I take on suggestions you will be mentioned in my blog posts and my YouTube video for that book so if you have a YouTube account, put down your username and I’ll give people a link to your channel!

Over and Out!
Nathalie Lot

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