Goodbye London, Hello Shanghai!

My apologies for not keeping up to date with my blog, however, I have been incredibly busy organising things.

Mainly, the fact that I’m moving to China for two months!

When I’m there I will be teaching kids English as a foreign language and be exploring as much as possible during my free time. Luckily, I need not speak manderin as the students already speak really good English. My role is to perfect their conversational skills.

While I am nervous and perhaps a little scared about leaving my friends, family and loved ones behind for two months and travelling to the other side of the world on own, I cannot help but feel this is a fantastic journey that I am about to embark on which a lot of lessons to learn and a fantastic opportunity to grab with both hands.

I’m having my very first ‘goodbye’ party in London this week which will mainly consist of hanging out in one of my favourite haunts in London and having a little boogie along the way. This I’m looking forward to immensely and cannot wait to see all of my friends lovely faces!

I’ll be keeping up my blog post I’m there and endeavour to update it at least once a week so I can have a log of my first steps in Asia.

I also hope to be  posting another blog before I jet off across the world, but untill then,

Over and Out,

Nathalie Lot

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