You Have Arrived At Your First Destination: Helsinki, Finland…

Arriving at Helsinki Airport, my first impressions is how very different it is from Heathrow and other London Airports.

You walk off the plane and greeted by lovely, smiling ladies (and lads) ushering you into a seemingly hi-tech, air conditioned bus which took you right outside the door to the airport. Walking in to waiting rooms for the terminals, they are twice the size of the box forty of us were shoved into with much comfier leather seats. The windows were made of glass so you didn’t feel confined into a small space.

Finding my gate number (even though my connection to Shanghai Pu Dong was not for another 5 hours) I immediately went for the ‘gadget spot’ I could spy to charge my laptop and phone. I had read there was free internet connection at the airport and even though I had only left London four hours previously, I still wanted to see if the home I knew and loved was still standing and nothing had changed. And of course, nothing had changed….

The flight itself was an unusual experience. The plane had cameras so you can watch what the pilot sees when you take off and land. The take off was mucho cool but by George the landing was scary!!!! We were going so fast at one point I was sure we were to crash. Unsurprisingly enough, we didn’t crash and I left the plane wondering why I had not heard of Finn Air before, it’s like British Airways but at a much lower cost! We even received sandwiches on an 2.5 hour flight which was a miracle to me.

Snapshot_20110701As I sit at my laptop pondering on how to waste the next 3 hours of my life waiting (We wait. We are bored- SB) my first point of call is Facebook and Robot Unicorn Attack, my second is John and Hank Green. Who knows if this waiting will make me insane? (actually, it probably will).

Next stop, Shanghai so until then adieu!!

Over and Out,

Nathalie Lot

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