You Have Arrived At Your final Destination: The Peoples Republic of China

I have been in China for a almost a week now and the culture shock is just about disappearing.

One thing I fear I’ll never get used to is the ‘road system’. Either people have free reign or drivers pay no attention to road laws and they’re not enforced. I have nearly been run over at least once a day and a moped has beeped at me to get off of the pavement countless times. But I guess I’ll just have to bear it and hope I’m not killed my some smoking taxi driver.

On a lighter note however, my work colleagues here in China are incredibly helpful and have been an absolute delight to work with so far. Helping me find the local supermarket, getting a phone and places to go, they have been real stars. The students are also very sweet, very good at English and also very helpful with taking me to lunch and translating the menus.

The weather is sticky and I long for the English rain which falls ever so softly on our cheeks. But, I will be back in London Town ere long and be the arms of the organized hustle and bustle of my home instead of the chaotic world in which I’m staying. Who ever said courtesy and respect had fallen in London clearly had never been to China and although we sometimes take less pride on our streets, we most certainly value pedestrians.

Well, the night is no longer young and the excitement of finally having internet access in my apartment has dwindled, I shall retire to my rather bare looking bed and sleep for an early rise of a morning to complete the last preparations before I take on the role as head of the Summer Camp!

Over and Out

Nathalie Lot

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