Mr X in the EDU Office with a hammer

Now, I was expecting excitement in China when I decided to embark on this adventure across the world but not quite as much excitement as this morning.

After a feeling a little shaken yesterday, I came to work with my keys,  folders, and USB in hand and rearing to go. Ushering the students into the class room, I did the usual, turn on the lights and air conditioning. This time however, I ventured to find if there was any more air conditioning near the finance and admin offices. However, one room looked as if an earthquake had hit it but taking no notice I walked towards my office.

I then noticed the reception area had its draws open and keys on the desk and I thought, well, if any one broke in, that was not very secure.  Walking into my office I placed my bag on my chair and decided to have some left over cake that my students made at a bakery the previous day. It was only when I sat down and  had a bite of cake that I realised the EDU office also been turned upside down and there was a hammer near the students computers. Immediately realising the centres laptop had gone missing and there had been a break in, I phoned the supervisor who was there in 10 minutes.

After a morning of trying to keep it from my students there was a break in and being questioned by Chinese police, I went home to have lunch and wondered whether it all had happened. But it did, four teenagers in the middle of the night and I was the first one in the office to see the carnage that was left.

This blog was meant to be about the lovely sweet baking activity with my students of the summer camp but this far trumps anything.

Hoping London is not up to its knees in rain,

Over and Out!

Nathalie Lot

2 thoughts on “Mr X in the EDU Office with a hammer

  1. Gaaaaaah! Scary! Hope you’re ok, babe.


  2. I’m okay, my supervisor was a little freaked by it and made sure my appartment window was fixed the same day so it’s all gravy teheh. Pictures should follow soon of cake!


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