28 Days Later…

…or there abouts.

So, I’ve been in China for over a month and what a month it has been!

Break in, nearly dying when students disappeared, cake baking, pottery making and, the highlight so far… (drum roll please)

WATCHING THE MIDNIGHT PREMIERE OF HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah! I couldn’t watch it in London so when I heard the last Harry Potter film was hitting China, my first stop was one of my colleagues here at school to help me buy tickets.

And WOW! What an experience! The tension, the Gringotts break in and Neville! I can’t believe I decided to miss the premiere in London and get a ‘great experience’ working abroad! So over rated… psshh…

So, back to Potter. The most moving part of the movie was when Snape died and the conclusion to  I believe to be the most ambiguous relationship in the whole saga. The last words, the last attempt to save the only surviving part of Lilly Evans, ohh, if only there was another book from Snape’s point of view. There was a part however, that I didn’t as much, didn’t like, as didn’t get. When they have *spoilers* saved the world yadda yadda why did they just hold hands and look away from Hogwarts? What was it meant to represent. Hogwarts no longer existing? Leaving Hogwarts? It’s all behind them? I would have liked a more dramatic ending. Other than Voldemort bursting into ashes and Hogwarts being blown to pieces ending (it’s a good thing they have magic huh, would have been pretty expensive trying to rebuild such a huge school).

But alas, I knew this day was to come. When my childhood would end and there is nothing left to cling on to. When I finally have to realise, now I’m soon to be in the twenies, that I have to be a grown up and do silly adulty things like work, and mortgages sooner or later. Zai jien childhood. It was a blast.

Over and Out

Nathalie Lot


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