Homeward Bound

Tomorrow, I go to Hangzhou for my last trip in Jinhua.

On Monday, I check in to a budget hotel in Shanghai to spend my last few days in this country of never-ending, interesting, events.

After moving in with a lovely Indonesian and an Australian and getting out of the pokey appartement without a fridge, I’ve experienced a lot more of Jinhua than I did on my own. And it has been a blast living with them. Games night, movie nights, outings. I’ll miss them a lot.

Reflecting on my rocky stay here in China, there have been many lows but the highs have really outweighed them.

Will I miss it here? The people, yes! The cheap prices to do things? Yes! The country itself? No. Would I come back here? Probably, with friends and family.

That said, my experience here at China has done what I set out for it t do. Open my eyes to Chinese culture which I was so ignorant about before. I have learnt what it is like and I am glad that I have had the privilege to grow up in England, with road laws,common sense and speed.

When I set out writing this blog, one of the things I stated was that the blogs were going to be short and sweet. So I havent been writing essays as blogs. This I think has helped me relate my experiences in a way that was interesting and informative.

I am looking forward to being back in the rainy, cold and busy London town. Although, at the moment, it’s not to different from Jinhua. Especially with the typhoon which happened on the west coast.

Over and Out!

Nathalie Lot

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