Not Quite Like Home

After a ridiculous amount of time not updating my blog, now I’ve half settled down in London, I am now back and more ready than ever to get back into the swing of blogging, studying and exercising.

The flight back to London was a lot better than going to Shanghai. I think knowing I was home had something to do with it, and I spent a magnificent evening being wined and dined.
Soon after I was back I went on an amazing holiday in south Devon with my some of my closest friends and spent a week in the embrace of my my mothers home.
Reality soon hit hard though. Moving, estate agents, final year and university and the hardest of all, being dumped.
Yes, I was dumped by a wonderful guy and although it has hit me hard, I’m coping and getting on with work and life which thankfully is very busy.
Its going to take a bit of time getting used to reality but on the bright side I have wonderful friends, a thousand more oppertunities ahead and I’m single. I can only embrace it and hope for the best.

Moving on to lighter notes, China made me realise how interesting I find current affrairs. Also my YouTube Lefebvre blog also has okay stats. So, watch this space for more interesting, colourful blogs geared towards London and the UK.

Let me know how your summet was and I hope you like the new material.

Over and Out
Nathalie Lot

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