Going Across The Atlantic

As I wait for the delayed flight to SFO, I patiently sit munching on nuts, Reece’s pieces and staring at the runway eagerly awaiting to board.

My brother from the other side of the Atlantic where I left in great haste, is keeping me company over Skype with silly faces, noise sand general familial banter.

I sit here mulling over possible itineraries and smiling at strangers who oddly seem to smile back and very enthusiastic shop assistants being unvervingly welcoming into there store (it’s just not British to do that, we like to be left to our own devices).

Any who, I’m about to board and I probably shouldn’t be blogging. Enjoy the picture!

Over and out!!
Nathalie Lot


1 thought on “Going Across The Atlantic

  1. Steven Ciarleglio June 5, 2012 — 8:58 pm

    You be careful out there,

    Lots of love x


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