When One First Eye’s the Golden Gate Bridge…

What a day!
After a warm welcome from my friends parents, I started out in Embarcadero buying a Muni Pass to allow me on most public transport in ‘Frisco’. I walked across the bay towards Pier 39 and my what I wasn’t expecting!! Brighton Lanes on a pier! Minus Snoopers Paradise with (if it may be said) even more class! A fantastic show of everything San Francisco with Corn Dogs, magic and Ocean views.

Deciding it was time to learn a little something, I hopped on the bus to the Exploratoirum, a wholly interactive science museum. While I had fun freezing water with vibrations, learning how gravity works, spinning around, being monochrome and giving myself electric shocks, after being to NEMO in Amsterdam, the exploratorium seemed like a cheap knock off with only two floors and some of the gadgets not working. NEMO took you on a journey and showed you how to get the best of everything in digestible chunks instead of just running wild in the vast Forrest of science.

After working my brain cells it was time for lunch and where better to have it than Baker Beach with stunning views of the ocean and the bridge San Francisco is all so famous for. Baker beach was fun, while the water was ice cold it was enough to paddle ones feet and you could run and chase the waves as they came in and out. As the evening turned and the wind picked up, it was time to start the trip back to Berkeley. The first day exploring the golden city went well and although i could
curse the transport system a lot, it eventually did get me from a-b and if anyone in planning on coming to San Fran be sure to get a bus map, i sure could have used one!!

From a very tired traveller,
Over and Out,
Nathalie Lot

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