Hello L.A!

I’m munching on spring rolls in the Hard Rock Cafe and musing on the events of the past day or two.
Yesterday I headed out towards San Francisco Zoo to have a relaxing last day in southern California and soak up the San Franciscan vibe. Accidentally getting off a few blocks early, I walked across Ocean Beach, however lovely the view was and relaxing, the wind created what can only be described as a mini sandstorm. The wind whipped the sand across my arms and legs and felt like walking through sand paper. The map covered my face from sand but it stuck like glitter to glue to the sun cream. I was still shaking sand off a few hours later when I crossed to the east bay.

The zoo was lovely, not huge like London Zoo but nicely proportioned although, whether it was the heat or not, the zoo didn’t seem to hold a lot of animals perhaps on or two of everything. I saw a Polar Bear which was incredibly surprising, I never thought id see one, the arctic is a little more distant tank imagined going on my travels. I also managed to see a grizzly bear and oh my gosh, it looked like a huge teddy bear!! Although one that could probably eat you. It was sitting up and looked like it had enough of the Hearst and joined his friend in the pool next door.

I then headed over to China Town to spend my last few moments in SF and to buy some souvenirs, took one last look at the piers and headed back towards the East Bay where Ill be getting the coach down to LA. and here I am. After spending the morning with Nate lounging at his home, watching home made videos, we headed to Ameba which was an amazing record/ DVD store, two floors of old and new vynls, LPs and DVDs. It was a lot of fun exploring the place and I kept on thinking this is my friend Sam’s heaven. Grabbing an Amaretto ice cream we walked along the star lane with all the celebrities names in stars and realised I hardly knew any of them.
LA is great so far and I’ll update you soon as to my next adventures, my dinner is getting cold!!

Over and Out,
Nathalie Lot


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