Beverly Hills, Beaches and Burritos

Now, I’m not usually one for endorsing celebrity hype but I did venture from Hollywood to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. My, how lushiously green and stunning it looked! Almost exactly how one imagines it. Taking my photo near the Beverly Hills sign, I ventured into money making central that is Rodeo drive. The celebrity base for clothes,shoes and food. Every designer store one can think of along with overpriced restaurants and purses. It all looked fantastic but the prices, not so go for a student budget… Soon are my celebrity fill was complete and I went home without bumping into any.

Tomorrow came and it was time for Nate and I to hit Venice Beach where I swam in the pacific and was swallowed by ocean tides. After almost getting burnt we headed out to lunch in an old Mexican place Casa Linda’s where I tried tamala for the first time wrapped in corn leaves with black beans and rice, delicious! No matter how starchy. We then walked around Venice and the canals which brought me right back to England and what we do best: using water to our advantage!. Little boats and canoes almost made me want to buy one. They were all filled with greenery, flowers and pretty bridges, a very picturesque setting. We he headed back for quick change and headed out towards Little Tokyo where we had dinner, bough Pocky and a few Japanese cakes. Deciding we were full and in need of a rest we headed back towards North Hollywood where we watched Prometheous in 3D. While I enjoyed the beginning and end and what I watched of the middle, it kinda became a bit samey and closing my eyes to a 3digrane, I accidentally fell asleep and tapped on the shoulder by Nate to wake me up. The film was Aliens vs Predators meets Star Wars so if you think that might be what you’re into, it is definitely a must see but if it’s not, give it a skip an watch Lincoln, Vampire Slayer instead, it is sure to get you laughs!

Another day, another adventure. Until then,

Over and out,
Nathalie Lot

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