The Big Nerd Out

Today I Woke up to a very sentimental email from my dear friend Catherine and to top it off, my lovely house mate Iona made very good commentaries on my Californian adventures which made me laugh out loud and realise people other than me are reading this thing ( seriously, stop it!! It’s weird…)

Nate arrived promptly at 12 and so we headed to Griffith Park. There we caught great views of the famous HOLLYWOOD sign and Nate being more the man behind the camera that in front of it took a few photos.

We then ate our sandwiches from Trader Joes (the californian answer to M&S) on the green and I prepared my self for actually seeing Charmed sets, my all time favourite TV programme. We saw the infamous Halliwell Manor full of magic and secret happenings and the tunnel where Wyatt first uses magic to bring a TV dragon to life. I was incredibly excited and felt incredibly nerdy that I’d go across an ocean to see something from TV.

We hen headed out towards Silver Lake where we did a quick pit stop for coffee and iced tea in a brilliant cafe called intelligentsia. It was so quirky, a 50’s style bar with 60’s music, I was absorbing the good vibrations like a bath sponge and felt the only thing missing in the picture was Catherine. She would have loved the music and feel of the place, not to mention the silvery hippy scene.
Next on our list was an old book store. My, what a place, it’s like a Waterstones but with far more of a collection, older and more chilled out. The books were stacked so high, you even had to use the old style ladder which moved across the book case to get to the top. We happily spent an hour browsing the place and I finally settled on Puzzo’s The Godfather and She Stoops to Conquer, I also wanted to purchase a beautifully bound and illustrated copy of some of Shakespeare’s plays but in the end I decided it was far two heavy and bulky to travel back to the UK.
After our little day outing, Nate and I went back to his and watched movies and American Political satire and did dinner and $2 wine which to my little knowledged taste, was surprisingly good.

It was such a fun day and now I’m starting to gain ‘graduation goggles’ and wondering if I want to go back to the UK. It’s warm here on the west coast and there are blue oceans and road names sound like ‘lots of goats’. There of course is Nate to.

Any who, I’ll soon be travelling back to the Atlantic to be among below 20oC weather, friends and family.

Over and Out,
Nathalie Lot, State- Side x

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