Nelson Mandela Has Passed Away in his Home in South Africa

One of the greatest statesmen in history, Nelson Mandela has passed away in his home in South Africa while being threaded for a lung infection. He was surrounded by his closest friends and extended family. The news was broken by South African president Jacob Zuman on the night of the film premiere of the film Nelson Mandela in Leicester Square. Although the ninety five year old had been unwell for a while, his death has still come as a shock to the world.

The former president of South Africa was imprisoned for 27 years for high treason speaking out against apartheid as part of the ANC and grew to change the course of history in every corner of the globe. He showed the world how to live together as one and not judge or separate one another because of our differences. Nelson Mandela was one who always held out an olive branch to his enemies and worked with them instead of locking heads.

Malick Brown former Deputy General UN told listeners of LBC “one of our times greatest men has passed on… Mandela embodied modern values of tolerance respect and curtesy that had been in short supply in the 20th century.” Barack Obama has said Nelson Mandela is a “great example of what one man can do and an influential, courageous and good man. He has gone home now. He did it all with grace and humility which makes him more remarkable”

David Cameron has said that a “great light has gone out in the world… a legend in life and now in death. He had extraordinary courage, hope and reconciliation”. The flag at Downing Street is at half mast to commemorate the Mandela’s passing. The statue of Mandela that stands in Parliament Square is likely to be a place where people will go to pay their respects to the man who helped bring apartheid to an end so be sure to stop by if you are in town.

Nelson Mandela really did inspire not only one but many generations and many more to come. He was a great man. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. May Mandela finally rest in peace.

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