Thoughts from Scotland: Glasgow

I made our way up to Scotland this weekend for a bit of TLC, the first stop was Glasgow. As great as London is, sometimes you need to get away from the big smoke and fill your lungs with clean and refreshing (Scottish) air. So here is a fellow Londoners thoughts on the Glaswegian way of life.

Run down, shabby, dangerous. Those are all (probably) valid statements that usually come to mind when we think of Glasgow, but the city is surprisingly trendy and clean and full of very friendly people. My first thoughts when stepping out of Buchannon station, in to the wailing wind and torrential rain. was ‘Oh, this is a lot like London, but not’. Yes, that sentence is full of sophisticated eloquence that evokes the perfect picture of Glasgow. Well, no, it doesn’t, and as a friend pointed out, not very perceptive either. The city is gloriously shabby chic and I constantly felt I could walk into Soho at any moment with its mid range and high end fashion stores. And bagpipes.

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What I love about Glasgow city centre is that someone had the foresight to design it in grids centred around George’s Square. This means if you get lost its easy to find your way again and you’re never far away from some iconic location or other. Not being the greatest of map readers, I quite liked being able to find my way around, I still manage to get lost on Oxford Street sometimes. Seriously. London City Councils take note!

The second thing I love about Glasgow is that if you come of George’s Square towards Mechants Square (to go to GOMA of course) you see a blue police box. If you’re a big Doctor Who fan like myself, you immediately feel as if you have found the Tardis and wonder if you are going to be the next companion. Of course I had to take a photo and yes I did try and find out if it was bigger on the in side. It was locked.

Alas, disappointed the world was not in danger and I wasn’t going to be the Doctors next companion, I perused a few art galleries and made my way back to the station to head for Edinburgh. That was not before heading to Cafe Wonder for tea and proper Scottish shortbread. The shortbread was so good I had a mini foodgasm in the middle of the cafe. The place was named after the Tolkien quote “Not all those who wander are lost”. Any cafe that names itself after JR is always going to be a win in my books.

I’m sad I didn’t have more time in a Glasgow but it’s only a few hours away and I’ll definitely be going back.

What are your experiences of Glasgow? Do you think if can give the capital a run for its money or are you still convinced its full of drunks and criminals?

Over and Out!

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