A-Z of London: The Only Guide You Need

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London is a pretty big place and whether you’re a ‘real’ Londoner that panics at the thought of speaking to someone on the tube or whether you’re only here for a short visit, we can all use an A-Z guide to the best places in London.

So here we have it, a far from comprehensive A-Z guide to London!

A is for Amersham

The farthest point you can reach on the underground. The tube can’t take you to all the places, but it does a good job.

B is for Brick Lane

The best bagels, curries and vintage clothes in town. A personal favorite curry house is Aladdin’s.

C is for Covent Garden

A magical place filled with all you could ever want, especially during winter. You can find clothes, tech, jewelry, food, fancy and cheap.

D is for Denmark Street

The spiritual home of rock ‘n’ roll in London. There are old recording studios and music shops to boot.

E is for Earl’s Court

One of the last original Art Deco buildings left in London. A great site to see while it still lasts.

F is for Ferry’s

The Thames is not just a pretty site, use it to your advantage when getting around on the weekends, slightly longer journey times, but avoids the tourists.

G is for Globe Theatre

If you only ever see one Shakespeare play in your life, make sure it’s at the Globe and stand in the yard. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing Shakespeare as the playwright did.

H is for Hamley’s or Harrods (depending on your age)

Who are we kidding, HAMLEYS!! We’re all big kids really, and we get to play with new toys that we’re testing for our nieces and nephews. Cough.

I is for the Ice Bar

If you want to cool down in the summer or warm up in the winter, the ice bar is full of seasonal cocktails that will send shivers down your spine- in a good way.

J is for Joes

A rocking club that plays records from the 50’s in Camden which incidentally is a great place to shop metal, indie and rock.

K is for Kew Gardens

Never underestimate the calming power of zen and green open spaces. It’s very big and it’s pretty. Bring your brolly!

L is for Leicester Square

It is the media hub of London. Global Radio HQ, BBC and ITV studios down the road and the host of many red carpet film premieres.

M is for Museum of London Docklands

Learn and see what London was like when the Docks were the life of the city and a major part of Britain’s economy.

N is for the National Gallery

One of the best national galleries in Europe and dare we say it, the world!

O is for the Observatory

Situated in the forever-green Greenwich Park you can start by gazing at the stars then head to the Maritime Museum to learn about what’s under the sea.

P is for Primrose Hill

Offers some of the best views of London on top of the hill. Head back in to Camden for some great street food and entertainment.

Q is for the Queen

And the rest of her family. London without royalty just seems like scones without cream.

R is for Red Busses. You wait for one, and then three come at once. The big red bus is always a pleasurable site on a rainy day.

S is for the Skate Park (Southbank)

You can watch cool tricks and skills on bikes and boards along the river and explore the rest of Southbank.

T is for Taxis

Iconic little black cars that will take you to any place your heart desires. For a price, of course.

U is for the Underground

The most infuriating yet surprisingly pleasurable way to get around London

V is for Vespa Café

Technically called Scooter Café, is one of the best late night coffee fixes in London

W is for Wicked– one of the best musicals in town, along with every other amazing Westend Musical.

X is for X Marks the Bokship

A bookshop and a literary gallery where you can find amazing work from people and publishers you won’t find anywhere else.

Y is for Yard Theatre 

A great venue for new theatre, comedy and music by a fantastic mix of up and coming and established artists.

Z is for Zoo

London zoo is an incredibly entertaining place to find animals of all sorts including penguins, spiders and butterflies (it’s where Harry realizes he can talk to snakes, if you needed another reason that is)

What is you’re A-Z of London and what have we missed?

Let us know in the comments below!

Over and Out!

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