We are the Change We Seek

There are a lot of changes going on in the world, some we feel is out of our hands, some scare us, some we have to make. Change can be quite daunting and we can be swept up in the tide and be left in the middle of a vast ocean, trying to figure out our next move. It is at these times we either say screw you to mother nature and make it to shore or succumb to our fate. What we don’t realise is we always have a choice; the difference is whether we have the courage to make it.

We are the change that we seek. Barack Obama expressed those words just before he took the White House and the rest of the United States by storm. Almost eight years later, those words are still relevant today not only in America but across the world. Obama rode in on the wind of change and now that same wind is stirring again and we all have a choice.

Change is happening across the world as countries and organisations like the UN are looking at the death penalty and questioning whether there should be a real debate as the Indonesian government stamp down on drug trafficking. Even here in the EU, Hungary’s Prime Minister believes capital punishment should be kept on the agenda. We have a choice, we can sit back and listen or we can speak up and change the conversation.

Change is happening in places like Syria and Libya that is forcing thousands of people to make the decision to desperately seek refuge in foreign lands to ensure their own safety. They are literally risking their lives to escape to something better. People of Libya and Syria have seen the risky passage to Europe as the best choice for them. Whether it makes them martyrs, idiots, survivors, right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. People needed a change and that is the choice they made.

Change is happening in Britain as we decide how our country is run over the next five years. The same choices have to be made over the pond in the USA next year to. We have a choice in this and our choice is not between Labour and Conservatives, Republicans or Democrats. It’s a fundamental change within our societies and what that change is, is down to us. If we want to see a change, a real change, we have to make sure it happens. Nobody else is going to make sure what you need to succeed in life is available to you, not even the politicians but you can give Downing Street a good idea of what that is on May 7th. At this point it is difficult to believe there will be majority parliament so it is more important than ever we vote with out heart and our head, not just who is most likely to win. We made a choice five years ago; we will make a choice again on May 7th. Make sure you’re happy with the choice you make.

Change is happening in my life too. In a few weeks, I’m moving to Beijing for a year and then going on to seek different adventures elsewhere. It occurred to me I wasn’t doing the thing I loved and no one else was going to change that and hand me a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, so I did something about it. I took a few courses, saved some cash and for three years, I am going to travel, teach, learn new things and grow into the person I want to be. I’m going to cry, laugh, miss my friends and family back home, meet new people and see amazing wonders of the world. I’m only in my early twenties and the time to have these adventures is now.

I am the change I seek, and so are you. Don’t wait around for someone or something to change your life if you want something different. Let May 7th be the day we start to make the changes in our own life. No one was given a lot they could not handle. You have the tools to unlock your potential, to make yourself heard and make the change you seek. All you need is courage and although you don’t need it, I give you permission to take on your own little world, and win. Change is inevitable so make the choice to control it.

What choices will you be making this year and what makes you get out of bed in the morning to conquer your world?

Over and Out!


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