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Make the most of your weekend city breaks this year in this months Travel Clinic. Disconnecting from work and daily life is so important in a growing interconnected world; with fewer excuses to just switch off after five o’clock. Those fifty pound return deals, to some place in Eastern Europe sounds tempting, but we never seem to jump on that plane. After deciding it’s probably not worth it for two days, you promise yourself you’ll go another time. Tomorrow is never promised to anybody so book that weekend get away and let us help you make the most of it. After all, protecting your peace and a balanced mental health is priceless.

Preparation is key to making the most of your weekend break. 

Figure out how you will be getting around the city; will you be cycling, public transport, driving? Download an offline map of the transport system plus a city map to your phone and forget about getting lost. I personally suggest leaving very late Friday night/ early Saturday morning, explore, have an early night and leave late Sunday evening. On my trips to Amsterdam and Prague, I decided to take the bus and left around six pm on the Friday, arrived around nine am Saturday morning and I had ample time to drop of my suitcase in my Hostel and check out the sites.

Choose three things you feel you must see or do and make a rough schedule of how you’ll fit them in. 

Leave enough time to just walk around the city and explore, you’ll never know what treasures you might find by simply wandering. Don’t try and see everything in the city in just one weekend break. It makes you tired, cranky and only leads to an okay holiday. The point of taking city breaks, at least for me, is to go back a couple of times and experience different parts of the same city. Theres nothing better than finding a super special place, be it restaurant or museum and making an effort to go back there again and feeling like you are in on some little secret only the locals know about.

Consider staying in a hostel or a B&B if it’s money you’re worried about.

You can find posh hostels in most cities these days and you can even rent private rooms in some of them and you can be right in the city center. Trip Advisor usually has reliable reviews of almost every hostel so you can be sure you won’t end up in a place that looks like someone has been murdered. Even consider house sharing sites like Air B&B. If it’s only for a weekend, you’ll most likely staying there for just the one night and since it’s just two days, you will want to be out and about exploring the city. It’s just a place to rest your head and store your suitcase.

The great thing about a weekend get away is by getting away from usual day to day surroundings, your brain has a chance to reset. Holiday’s force you to think about things in a different way and focus on being present and see what is actually around you instead of being pre occupied with different worries or stresses. I have personally found, on the way back home from an impulse city break, I have the answer to something I’ve been trying to figure out, despite not thinking about it for a couple of days. Distance and time always give us a different perspective and getting away, even just for a weekend can do the world of good for our mental health. We don’t even need to go abroad, visiting a new town we haven’t been to in the UK can have exactly the same effect.

What are your weekend vacation tips? Is there anything I have left off this list?  What are your best spur of the moment weekend get away memories?

If you have any travel related questions, what ever they are please send them to me and I will do my best to answer them during the Travel Clinic.

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Twitter: @teatalestravels

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