The Tale of Two Ankles | Tea, Tales and a Broken Ankle

As my third week in a cast comes to a close it’s been filled with good, tasty treats and a surprise visit! One thing I continue to be amazed at is how little to no pain I have in my broken leg. Surely repairing a broken leg should be painful? I mean, after watching Harry Potter’s bones regrow in Chamber of Secrets, I kinda expected it to be like that. I’m not complaining anyhow. One thing I can say, repairing a broken bone is quite tiering and takes it out of you some days.

Day 12 AB (after break) I spent making mini spinach and feta quiches which were rather tasty (even if I do say so myself) however, it was the first day I was mostly vertical and by the time I went to bed, my poor little leg was quite swollen so I went to bed early and elevated it slightly higher than usual for the night.


Day 13 AB after break was pretty awesome because my aunt came over to stay for a couple of days. One of the reasons it was pretty awesome because ironically enough, five days before I broke my ankle, my aunt broke her ankle while paint balling with my brothers and cousins (yes, a far better story than my own, I know). It was really nice sharing tips and experiences. And yes, we did have a sword fight with our crutches, because we’re awesome! I hardly felt the cast that day and there was a lot of ‘who’s getting the tea this time’ me, my aunt or my gran. Usually, it ended up being me because although I have a broken leg, I wasn’t eighty five or completely snapped my ankle in two (ouch).


Day 14 AB my aunt left and that evening, my good friend F and I watched Snow White over Skype together which was pretty awesome. This officially started our mission to watch every Disney film created in a year, together! This nicely led into day 15 AB when another good friend of mine M popped over for a quick chat after work bringing with her purple tights and marker pens to draw all over my cast. It was amazing to catch up and I can’t wait to listen to the Call Your Girlfriend podcast she introduced to me! Day 16. 17 and  18 AB continued in much the same fashion with only a few twinges from the broken ankle.

As day 19 AB came around, it was time to visit the doctors and after getting the results from the x-ray, I was told I only have another three weeks left in the cast and we’ll see what happens after that. Still not allowed to bear any weight on it but I was told it was healing nicely.

It’s been a good week so far and I’m hoping to be a bit more active and get back to somewhat normal activity in the next couple of weeks. Hoping the trend continues! Any ideas on things I can draw on my cast?

Over and Out

Nathalie x

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