Am I Going Vegan?

Have you ever wondered what vegetarians really think of vegans? After eight and a half years of being a vegetarian, I’m slowly becoming to resent and admire those tofu loving, nut eating, spinach drinking beings and I fear I may be becoming one. We vegetarians are like vegans on training wheels. Once we learn to balance diets, get used to the disappointment of veggie options and prepare amazing meat free dishes, we can finally ascend to the ultimate level: becoming a vegan; and I feel I may be teetering on the edge. But cheese. Also, keep going till the end to find out how Vegetarians really want to respond to your veggie questions!

Talking about the V word always ends in eye rolls and some version of ‘more bacon for me then’ or ‘but what about bacon?’ Over the years however, I’ve learnt to smile and nod and just nibble away at my one lettuce leaf like most of us hippie, animal loving and tree hugging types. Don’t forget the kale and ginger juice with spinach, chia seeds and quinoa (do people put quinoa in a juice/ smoothie? Let me know in the comments).

I am vegetarian. I like fluffy animals and I have hugged a couple of trees in my time. I am also guilty of rolling my eyes at those *whisper* vegans and saying ‘but what about cheese?’ or ‘more Camembert for me then.’ To me, vegans are some kind of green alien Gods. They are all knowing, waiting for the ‘I told you so’ moment when we have to survive on dehydrated astronaut tofu (or something).

In short, I’m jealous. I’m jealous that as soon as I even think of cheese my mouth waters and I’m drooling like Odie Garfield with a bone. I’m jealous that I don’t have the self control to stop eating milk from other mammals not even in my species. Im even jealous of the idea of other people eating a four cheese pizza while I’m stuck with tomato and grilled veg, and I’m not even vegan, yet. I know being Vegan will completely clear my conscience and reduce my carbon footprint and hopefully have less of a negative impact on the world. I know this, but did I mention cheese?

The vegetarian guilt made me switch all my toiletries and beauty products to cruelty free alternatives two years ago. I’ve recently made the decision to use dairy free milk and I’ve noticed my cream cheese also seems to be diary free too. My buzzfeed Tasty searches seem to bring up more and more vegan options and I think I could do it, but cheese exists. I know there are vegan alternatives but I haven’t had a good one yet and I’m afraid if I do, it’ll be slow but sure ascent to the lofty heights of veganism.

I’m not perfect, I have slipped up over the years and there is a small part of me that wants to slip back into my bacon eating, sausage loving, salmon bagel ways. Don’t get me wrong, I still am tempted by those sausage rolls whenever I go into Greg’s. While I’m not ready to go vegan yet and give up the C (she writes with Cathedrals mature cheddar cheese and crackers in her mouth) my brain and moral compass are screaming it’s the right thing to do, for me. Maybe one day I will become vegan and maybe I’ll stay in my lowly vegetarian position and forever aspire to those lofty green heights. Either way, I’m going to make a conscious effort to cut down on the dairy I consume and become more thoughtful in my food choices.

Life is all about making thoughtful and considered choices to create the best life for ourselves and there really isn’t a good reason why that shouldn’t apply to food. While I do believe there is a a very big place for those who choose to eat meat in this world, I also think it’s everyone’s responsibility to choose not only what’s best for them, but also for sustainability in the future for our grandchildren and their children. Whether it’s just having meat free Monday’s at home or completely switching to veganism, we could all exercise a little more care into what we eat and experiencing such a wide variety of different foods and textures we have so readily now in the 21st century.

If you have anymore tips on becoming vegan, any books or documentaries please let me know if about them in the comments or #tttvegan wherever you use #. Do you think I should jump in or stay a veggie? Have a great day!

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Oh, so you’re not a vegan? Do you eat fish? My friend is a vegetarian but she eats fish. My cousin is a vegetarian but she eats chicken on the weekends. These are just some of the silly things I’ve heard in my time and now I’m going to say what I’ve always wanted to say: No. I’m not vegan, I’ve just told you I’m a vegetarian. Your friend is a pescetarian and your cousin is NOT vegetarian, she’s a carnivore who chooses to eat less meat (thanks by the way)

2 thoughts on “Am I Going Vegan?

  1. I’ve been wondering whether I should try being vegetarian. Working in a coffee shop I see how much milk is being used even in one small coffee shop but think all I can manage to do at first is cut down to only eating meat on special occasions!

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    1. Hey! Cutting down on meat is a huge step, regardless if other people tell you otherwise. Being thoughtful and considered with our food, in my opinion, is far better than being a vegan or vegetarian. It isn’t easy,. Hope you’re well! 🙂


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