5 Great Podcasts Created By Women | Women’s Week (IWD)

Happy International Women’s Day! IWD is all about celebrating women and their achievements. Here at Tea, Tales and Travels we’re celebrating all this week by promoting stories, content and businesses created by women. Today is all about the wondrous world of podcasts. Please share if you know someone who would love some of these podcasts. Read day one here, Start Local.

We all love a good podcast. Whether you’re commuting, exercising, grocery shopping, driving or just need a background distraction, there is a podcast for everyone. Podcasts are a free, quick and easy way to support women. All you have to do is listen while you go about bossing it. Every time an ad is heard, a podcaster gets paid (even if you skip it- ssshh). Here are some of my favourite podcasts created by women that I absolutely love and you can listen to right now to support women on International Women’s Day.

Woman’s Hour, BBC

Woman’s Hour is hosted by Lauren Lavern who sits down with three or four other women to talk about current issues facing women from young girls right through to the later years. The topics range from throwing the best parties to finding a work life balance and becoming involved in politics. My favourite episode so far was when she interviewed the Queen of Punk Viv Albertine.

History Chicks

Hosted by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider, this podcast brings the ‘other’ side of history to life in an interesting and easy to listen to way. From fictional to real, they talk about different women who have had an impact on us today whether it be Anne of Green Gables’ charm and feistiness or how truly awesome Dorothy Parker was.

The Great Girlfriends Show

Started by entrepreneurs Sybil Amati and Brandice Daniel, this podcast is all about how to start your own business and how to make yourself ready for that step. Their frank and honest conversations always get me motivated to carry on or continue bossing it. If you’ve been inspired to start a side hustle or how to monetize something your hobby, this is definitely the podcast for you.

Black Girl Nerds

This pod started by Jaime Broadnax is nerd heaven! It’s not just about D&D, Lord of the Rings and The Big Bang Theory. BGN covers everything from going behind scenes at our favorite conventions to interviewing Oprah. Yeah, pretty awesome. Definitely give this a listen on your commute to have a little nerd out and start your day with a smile.

Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica

Nothing is more liberating than female sexuality so a list of great podcasts created by women wouldn’t be complete with something a little naughty. While definitively NOT PG or sfw, Rose Caraway’s erotica is fun, raunchy and definitely made with women in mind.There’s something for everyone and especially great on the commute home or while taking a bath.

Last year I realised 90% of the podcasts I listened to were created by men. The only woman’s podcast I really listened to was the amazing show, Call Your Girlfriend. I wasn’t hearing enough women’s voices, and it was bothering me. So began my journey of actively seeking podcasts created by women and my ears have never been more content. Don’t get me wrong, some of my favourite podcasts are by men but now there’s also women on that list.

As written about in the previous post, every dollar created by women goes so much further in their communities and towards helping others and I really hope you enjoy listening to some of these podcasts. Let me know which ones you’ll be listening to and if there are any others we need to check out.

Day 1. Start Local

Over and Out!


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