Five Brilliant Books Written by Women| Women’s Week (IWD)

Books are amazing. They can transport you to different realms, fill your heart, make you cry, inspire you and teach you things. Through books, we can see people who are like us, different from us, empathise and learn from them, they help us understand the world better.

With four women in the top ten on Amazon’s bestseller chart, let’s continue that work and support more female writers. Read about women led clothing and beauty companies, awesome women on YouTube and Podcasts here too. Are there any other books by female authors you enjoy or we must read? Comment down below.

Here are some great books that have been released in the last year by fantastic female authors. They will make you hopeful, sit at the edge of your seat, think about your actions and contributions and learn some amazing things. Enjoy!

All Grown Up | Jami Attenberg


The writer of award-winning Middlesteins and an NYT Bestselling Author, Jami Attenberg’s stories are incredibly insightful and thought-provoking. All Grown Up is a whip-smart examination of one woman’s life, lived entirely on her own terms. We are thrown into Andrea Burns therapy session and question what it means to be an adult in the 21st century and we follow Andrea as she tries to figure life out being single at 38 and her newborn niece falling incredibly ill. All Grown Up deals with the effects of a tumultuous childhood in adult life in a riveting and heartwarming coming of middle age story.


Year One | Norah Robertsimg_2935

Norah Roberts is a woman who needs no introduction. With over two hundred books to her name, Roberts is a writing machine. Together with the Norah Roberts Foundation, she helps promote ad advice for literacy and education. Year One is the first in a dystopian apocalyptic trilogy that combines magic realism and adventure. The story follows four people, including Lana who can move things with her mind and Katie, who gives birth to twins trying to get out of New York to the West Coast after a pandemic that started on New Year’s Eve in Scotland in search of a safe haven.


Diversify | June Sarpongimg_2938

June Sarpong is one of the UK’s prominent presenters and writers. Diversify, Six Degrees of Integration (because the world is separate enough) is the cumulation of Sarpong’s research with Oxford University into how we can overcome our ‘isms’ and reap the rewards and reach our maximum potential. Unlike some social research, this book is engaging, funny, challenging and inspiring. June’s six steps to integration are easy to integrate into everyday life and promotes helping and lifting each other up. You can find your ‘ism’ here and more information on what’s next for the Diversify project supported by Kofi Annan and Arch Bishop            cvvcvv                                      Desmond Tutu.

Sometimes I Lie | Alice Feeneyimg_2937

Sometimes I Lie is a powerful psychological thriller by debut author Alice Feeny, journalist and writer. The story starts with Amber Reynolds being stuck in a coma after an accident, able to hear everything around her and a suspicion her husband may have had something to do with it. Flitting between her present coma self, memories from the week before the accident and diaries from twenty years ago, the story asks us if something really is a lie if we really believe it.


The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind: A Memoir of Madness and Recovery |                 Dr Barbara K.Lipska


Dr Barbara K.Lipska is a renowned Neuroscientist in her field who had melanoma which eventually moved into her brain and changed her life. The book, written by a neuroscientist of mental health, not only examines what happens to your brain when you have mental health issues but also what it’s like to live with it, deal with the day to day from first-hand experience. For eight weeks Lipska quite literally lost her mind and became a completely different person and somehow, remembered everything. Her memoir shows exactly what was going on her mind, how her brain was working and recovery. The story is an uplifting account of how mental health works (or doesn’t) and hope. It’s not out until April but you can preorder it here.

Even in our downtime, we can still support other women, be inspired by them and not much can beat a good book and a warm mug of tea. Let us know in the comments of any other amazing books by female writers we should be reading.

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Over and Out!


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