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YouTube is a mostly accepting, tolerant and diverse community (just don’t take the comment section too seriously) however, when it comes to the cream de la YouTube, men are definitely coming out on top. According to the Business Insider, there was only one woman, Mexican beauty blogger Yuya at number eight in the top ten most subbed channels. Jenna Marbles followed in closely at number eleven and there is something we can do about that: subscribe and engage with more women content. Read yesterday’s blog about women led podcasts too and tell me of other YouTubers I should be watching.

Getting lost down a YouTube rabbit hole is so easy, especially when you forget to switch off autoplay. There is so much amazing content on YouTube, it’s no wonder huge brands are trying to get in with the ‘cool kids,’ but even when we’re having some downtime, we can still support other women. If you haven’t guessed it already, today’s post is all about great female YouTubers that deserve more eyeballs.

img_2917Shameless Maya

Maya Washington is an amazing black female YouTuber who endeavours to inspire women every week with her videos. From teaching us how to create websites, making healthy snacks, hair and beauty to politics, she’s an everywoman kind of gal. Her kind and funny personality will draw you in and not knowing what’s coming next will keep you watching because you know it’s going to be interesting.

img_2915Lex Croucher

Lex Croucher, formerly known as Tyrannosaurus Lex is one of the old school YouTubers I’ve been watching since forever and surprised she doesn’t have more subscribers. Expect awesome nerdy videos about books, mental health and amazing vegan junk food and snack ideas. Lex also has an amazing pin badge collection where 15% of profits go to different charities.


Shamsa is a Muslim mum of four living in Birmingham who spreads such positivity and kindness, it’s unreal. Shamsa has great money saving tips and is an absolute delight to watch go about her everyday life, not to mention delicious, easy to follow meal prep, snack and desert recipies. She even has advice vlogs which are never judgmental or restrictive while still following her beliefs. Shamsa is currently pregnant with her fifth baby so definitely check out her pregnancy updates!


For all things hair (especially curly hair) Peniel Tovar tells you everything you need to know to keep those manes in check. Unlike other beauty vloggers, this Mexican beauty keeps it real, down to earth and has a wicked sense of humour, Peniel really doesn’t take herself too seriously with videos that are relatable and actually possible.


Alex Dainis

img_2918Alex Dainis will definitely increase your nerd quota on YouTube! Alex is a geneticist grad who has been making videos about science since high school. Her passion for science and to understand the world makes her a geek after my own heart. Her way of explaining things is simple, easy to follow and wish I had taken more of an interest in the sciences when I was at school, I guess I’m just going to have to live with learning from awesome people on YouTube.

When women are supported by others and given opportunities, the world really does become a better place. Every day we make a choice as to who has our attention, our money and time which are precious resources and so important. Who we choose to give our time and resource to is also important so give it to people who will use your resources for good, and not just to their own ends.

If you liked this, please share it with someone who you think will love these YouTubers. Here’s a post on women and podcasts and how starting local is an easy way to improve your local area.

5 Great Female Podcasts

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Over and Out!


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