Sometimes You Just Need To Give | Women’s Week (IWD)

Most of the time, it’s okay to listen to inspiring women Ted Talks, read brilliant books by female authors, shop ethically, watch women on YouTube and listen to podcasts by women. Other times, we have to put our money and precious free time where our mouth is and give. Here are five women-led charities and organisations changing the world, one girl at a time. Please comment below any other charities you feel deserve a mention too.

All money made from ads throughout March on the women’s week posts will be split between these five charities so please share and take a look at the others linked below.

Remember that phrase, ‘if you tell someone anything enough times, they’ll believe it’? Research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology (2015)¹ proved the statement has more truth to it than we would like to believe. So, if we tell young girls and women enough times they’re not good enough or they’re not worthy, they’ll start to believe it. If we tell young girls and women enough times they ‘can’, they’ll start to believe that too. What we say to friends, family and online especially has so much impact on self-worth, ability and productivity. We need to change the rhetoric and support women where possible because when women participate, they take the game to a whole other level economically, socially and environmentally.

The following charitable organisations are just a handful that is out there supporting women, but the best way is to help women in your local area. Volunteer at a shelter, read books to children in libraries or buy that homeless woman you see everyday sanitary products. There are times when you have to walk the walk and be that person who is urging their friends and family to do and be better, leading by example.

Global Fund for Women

Established in 1987 the Global Fund for Women helps communities fight for gender equality, human rights, political empowerment and sexual and reproductive health. It’s a broad spectrum foundation that helps women where they need it. They currently have an initiative to bridge the technology gap between women across the world and is a great organization to help women globally. Donate here.


Supporting women from afar is one thing, but what if you could support specific women entrepreneurs around the world? With you can. Kiva has partners all across the globe that loans to small business owners which helps grow and improve their business’. By doing so, improving the local community. You can lend a minimum of $25 to the woman of your choice and watch slowly as she repays the loan. Once she’s repaid, you can lend the same $25 all over again!

Malala Fund

The story of Malala is a sad yet poignant one. Advocating for girls at the age of 11 resulted in Malala getting shot on her school bus at the age of 15 by Taliban who had far less than positive views on educating girls, diplomatically speaking. Malala miraculously survived and used the money she received to set up a fund to help more young women around the world get access to education. The Malala Fund believes girls are the best investment in future peace and prosperity of our world. By donating here, you can help give a voice and education to young girls all over the world.

Days for Girls International

This lesser known, yet one of the more important charities Days for Girls International helps ensure every girl has access to tampons and sanitary towels. When girls are missing school and skipping work because they’re on their period and can’t afford sanitary products in the UK, we have to wonder how other girls and women are coping in other parts of the world. Not only does it affect the wellbeing of the woman’s family (less money and fewer opportunities) a woman taking unnecessary time off work also affects the productivity of a business if she doesn’t come to work due to the shame of bleeding through clothes or on chairs. It could be argued ensuring a woman’s sanitary needs are met is the very first step towards ensuring female education and equality- who wants to go anywhere with the fear of blood dripping down their legs? Please help Days for Girls International provide more women basic sanitary products and donate here.

World Association of Girl Guiding


Girl Guiding is one of the largest voluntary movements dedicated to girls and young women in the world, reaching over 10 million girls in 146 countries. Girl Guiding takes very young girls between the ages of five and six and over the years (up to 25) teaches them valuable life skills, confidence and bravery. As they get older, excellently trained leaders teach young women to speak out and support them to become leaders in their own right and develop their fullest potential and take action. Volunteer time and resources to your local group or donate here.

I’m going to end Women’s Week, inspired by International Women’s Day, with some thoughts I had in February:

The world’s problems are not mine to fix, but they are mine to try to understand and help minimise in any way I can. At the very least, not add to them. They’re yours too.

Nathalie Lot, Earth People.

Alone, nobody can fix the world or bring equality or advocate for fair and equal treatment. By choosing better paths, kinder words, finding time and speaking to others, together we can at least change our little part of the world for the better.

Whoever you are reading this today and whenever you are reading this. Black, White, Asian, LBGTQ+, women, men, boys and girls know you are loved. You are worthy of love. You are enough. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to. The world needs exactly who you are.

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Over and Out!

Nathalie xx

Thank you, everyone, for all your kind words of encouragement and support over the past week. This has been such a fulfilling passion project which I intend to continue in the future. If you have liked what you have read, please click the follow button to be notified when there is a new post (don’t worry, only once or twice a week). If this has inspired or motivated you in any way please share it with others. Thank you again, see you on the internet folks!

1. Fazio, L. K., Brashier, N. M., Payne, B. K., & Marsh, E. J. (2015). Knowledge does not protect against illusory truth. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 144(5), 993-1002.

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