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T-shirt’s, shoes, beauty products at some point, they all need replacing. When they do, take a little moment look through some of the following affordable online companies that give back, support women and ease your conscience. After all that retail therapy, check out some great women created YouTube channels and podcasts. Remember to comment below with other great companies that were started by women or give back to their communities.

Just by switching to a brand that’s owned by women or buying your new pair of shoes from a place that invests in and gives opportunities to women, you are doing your part to make the world a better, more equal place. If that company also gives back to their communities, well, that’s even better.

Keep in mind, when you buy from these companies, you’re not just buying a product. You are giving to charities, supporting women and sustainability. Unfortunately, these things are not free, however much we’d like them to be. You are not going to find a cruelty free, charity giving and sustainable T-shirt for five bucks. With these companies, however, you’re not going to pay too much more either.

All these companies ship globally, have good return policies and clear size guides. I’m sure you’ll be 100% satisfied.


Society B

From clothes and beauty to homeware, consider Society B your alternative to ASOS. After noticing lots of giving back and fair trade brands a Christmas fair in 2014 sisters Lindsay Byers-Hirth and Kelli Byers decided to set up an online marketplace where we could find lots of women led brands who are doing good in one place. 10% of each sale goes to support different charities like Action Against Hunger and so you’re essentially giving back twice!

People Tree

If you’re looking for good quality, ethically sourced wardrobe staples that aren’t going to leave your bank empty, you will love People Tree. It was started by London born Japanese woman Safia Minney when she realised people in Japan didn’t quite get sustainable living. Together with the People Tree Foundation, your money goes to supporting small artisanal companies in countries like Nepal ensure they can continue going. Read about Bombolulu, a small non-profit hiring over 100 disabled people in Kenya because of People Tree.



Shoes glorious shoes, now we’re talking! When you buy a pair of Toms, you’re buying a pair for a young girl or boy who needs them around the world. They work with their giving partners to help fund safe births, optical glasses and bullying and lots more. Starting at $22, Toms are affordable and comfortable so your feet can walk happily. Started by male entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie in 2006, he has always had women in higher executive positions in his company, that we can support.

img_2924Desert Essence

This beauty brand is a B- Corporation which means meeting high ethical, social and environmental standards for everyone. Desert Essence donates a percentage of sales from their Pure Oils range to Plan International which trains and supports young girls to be leaders. Even if you buy any of their products like this amazing coconut shampoo, some of the profits go towards different social projects and charities the company works with.

Big life changes and lots of money isn’t needed to help change and support women, only a moment to look for supportive people and companies who are creating exactly what you need. Yes, there is a cost to living ethically, but with companies like Toms and Society B, we don’t have to pay extraordinary amounts. Just by buying from places that are driven by social and ethical responsibility challenges other, bigger brands to do the same.

If there are any more companies and brands that you feel deserves to be mentioned, please leave a comment down below and share them with us. Happy shopping!

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Over and Out!


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